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Simple, achievable design and renovation strategies for a beautiful, comfortable home

kitchen design book
Miele Steam oven combines steam and convection technology

Small Kitchen, 3 Big Appliance Ideas

A small kitchen can be a challenge to work in, especially when appliances compete with working counter top and storage. Here are some examples of small appliances with big benefits.
A corner drawer system makes the most of an awkward space

21 Kitchen Organization Ideas

The kitchen is where most people spend the bulk of their time at home when they're not in front of the TV or in bed. So keeping it organized makes it a happier space and will no doubt inspire culinary genius.
A stainless steel frame is stylish in a contemporary interior

Warm Memories Around a Fireplace

When the leaves start turning shades of russet and gold, and the evening air has a fresh, crisp snap, the cocooning instinct kicks into high gear and the thought of cozily sitting in front of a blazing fireplace holds great appeal.  If the fireplace is beautifully dressed with a...
Do you dare to bare your stairs?

Should You Dare to Bare Your Stairs?

Many people love the idea of bare naked stairs. I think they simply look...well...under dressed and incomplete. There are some practical reasons you might want to put something on them.
Does your renovation constipation require surgical intervention? RenovationBootcamp.com

Do You Suffer From Renovation Constipation? You’re Not Alone.

RENOVATION CONSTIPATION [ren-oh-vay-shun /kon-stuh-pay-shun] -- NOUN. Symptoms include clenching of lower intestine, irritability and sleeplessness from companion condition known as HGTV disease.
The woody wagon loaded for the trip to college RenovationBootcamp.com

What To Do Before You Send Your Child Away to College

You are probably counting down the days until your child goes away to college with very mixed feelings. It's not too late to prepare yourself and them so the experience is positive for all involved.
John Tory made an appearance at our garden party

Meet the Next Mayor of Toronto at My House

Unless you live in a shoe, you've heard about the circus at City Hall in Toronto. I got fed up and decided to get involved. Which is how I ended up with John Tory at my house.
Mosquitoes dive bomb their prey at night

Choosing a Screen Door for Your House

If you dislike bugs as much as I do, finding the right screen is DANG appealing. And this one ain't yo' grammy's screen door. This one is sexxxxxxy!
A hometheater in the basement

How Much Does An Interior Designer Cost?

If you've ever thought about hiring an interior designer but just don't know how much it will cost or don't understand how they charge, this might help.
A built-in table can save floor space while increasing countertop RenovationBootcamp.com

Remodeling an Existing Condo Kitchen

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote an article about buying a not-yet-built condo from plans, which you can find here. Today, I’m going to show you a condo kitchen in an existing building that I re-designed and remodeled recently as part of a larger project. Watch for the tips...