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Simple, achievable design and renovation strategies for a beautiful, comfortable home

kitchen design book




Welcome, Bienvenue, Bienvenido, Benvenuto, Willkommen!

Thanks so much for dropping in!

I’m thrilled to have you here and hope you’re ready for a smorgasbord of experiences in

Design, Travel and Food!

Custom made window seat designed by Robin Siegerman, Sieguzi Kitchen & Home

A custom made window seat I designed incorporating sculpture, lighting and books


pronounced [smawr-guh-s-bawrd, -bohrd or, often, shmawr-]

1.  a buffet meal of various hot and cold hors d’oeuvres, salads, casserole dishes, meats, cheeses, etc.: Wow, what a smorgasbord!
2. an extensive array or variety: This blog has a smorgasbord of fabulousnesssss.

ANNNNNNNND I want to give you a prezzie!

Call me crazy, I know we just met, but that’s just me. In fact, I think this is going to be such a great party, I want to give you TWO prezzies:

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Answering questions for remodeling minute

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And the second is my handy kitchen renovation e-planner that will answer a bunch of your burning questions like:

*How much will it cost?

*How long will it take?

*Who should you hire?

*What happens first?

*Calendar of events that happen every day on a typical renovation

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I might shed a tear over a glass of my favorite brew if you do, but really, don’t worry about me, I’ll be fine…I’ll just sit here in the dark…er…ummm…I mean with the dark.  As in Guinness. (Well, a girl’s gotta drown her sorrows, right?)

A half pint of Guinness

So the smorgasbord you will find at Renovation Bootcamp®:

DE*SIGN: verb; noun

pronounced [duh-zine] in some regions [dee-zine]

1. To  prepare the preliminary sketch or technical drawings for (a work to be executed): She can design a new kitchen or whole home

2. To plan and fashion artistically or skillfully with drawings and virtual sample boards: She will design a sample board for the project.
Before and after photo of Beach master suite
3. To intend for a definite purpose: She gives design advice you can build on.
4. To form or conceive in the mind; contrive plan: She slaved over the design of a bedroom suite

TRAV * E * LOGUE; noun

pronounced [trav-uh-lawg]


Origin1900–05,  Americanism; mish-mash of travel and monologue

1a public presentation, spectacle, slide show, motion picture or article describing travel: She made a spectacle of her travelogue incorporating design inspiration

FOOD; noun

pronounced [fuuud or foooood]

A pint of Guinness in An Ode to Irish pubs and writers

While not technically a food, Guinness is good for what ails ye’

1. any nourishing substance that is eaten, drunk, or otherwise taken into the body to sustain life, provide energy, promote growth, etc.: She wolfed down her food.

2. any substance that has no nourishment and  is consumed purely for recreation and may be revolting or taste like dog kibble: This cheese-food is going straight to my thighs.

3. any subject serving for consumption or use: This brilliant article on Olive Oil  is food for thought.

(Your olive oil could actually be a toxic brew. Read what I discovered here.)

I so want to share all this AND give you hot renovation tips, introduce you to some of my favorite products, design inspiration and a few giggles along the way. All of which is yours,



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Hold my hand, we’re jumpin’ in!

Hold my hand, we're jumpin' in!

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Enjoying a pint of Guinness in ireland